Peer Presenting with Prezi (Part V: Analysis)

2 05 2011

Data Analysis

Overall, it would be safe to say that most of the groups did not go beyond the standards. Below is a chart of the final scores for each group in each class: (Keep in mind, anything below a 60 is a C. These are Honors level classes in a quality high school)

Group # 1st Period 4th Period 7th Period

Group 1

60 68 68

Group 2

65 63 60

Group 3

72 63 58

Group 4

67 65 71

Group 5

61 69 68

Group 6

70 60 58

Group 7

70 62 58

These grades, particularly in 7th, surprised me. Probably the biggest reason why most of the grades are above a B, is because a B was the minimum grade I would give for given basic information on each of the SOL standards, according to the rubric/explanation sheet students were given at the beginning of the project.

With the ability to take notes and presenting to class, one thing became apparent. Students did not really know what they were talking about. A lot of the scores in the SOL standards were lowered because, when asked a question about the basic history of the event or individual, students stood up front dumfounded.

As for the test scores, in general, most classes had a lower percentage grade for this test than any other test I have given. Here is another table of the average score for each class, both in points, and percentage for my last test (Imperialism) and the this unit test:

Imp. Points (out of 115) Imp. Percentage IW/WWII Points (out of 131) IW/WWII Percentage
1st period





4th period





7th period








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